Advanced WordPress Page Builders, Elementor and Divi

Advanced WordPress Page Builders, Elementor and Divi

It can be difficult to decide between the two popular advanced WordPress page builders, Elementor and Divi.

I’ve been designing pages for my clients’ websites with Divi for quite some time, and I’ve been using Elementor on my own sites for over three years. Additionally, Divi is the main page builder used by numerous of my blogging pals.

Advanced WordPress Page Builders, Elementor and Divi

Let me begin by quickly introducing both of the page builders we have available here:
Popular WordPress page builder Elementor makes it possible to develop WordPress sites without having to know anything about coding or web design. WordPress’s drag-and-drop capability makes designing pages much simpler.

It offers more than 300+ pre-built templates, which means you may choose one and modify it to meet your needs instead of starting from scratch. Additionally, you can add more than 90 widgets to websites and pages.

While Elegant Themes’ DIVI theme and visual page builder is well-liked. You may view a free demonstration of DIVI’s functionality here.
With DIVI’s Advanced Page Builder, even non-technical users can easily create next-level designs without writing a single word of code.

Let’s now contrast the two:

Publisher Interface

Drag and drop capability is offered by both page builders to make creating pages for WordPress sites simple.
You get a full-width editor with Divi that lacks a fixed sidebar for adding items. At the bottom of the page, there is a single (three-dot) button that, when clicked, displays a list of options.

The theme builder’s accessibility

Elementor and Divi are becoming more versatile than just page builders. They give you the option to alter every component of your theme using their theme builder.
The same visual drag and drop interface may be used to create your complete theme and every section of the website.
But if the question is who received this functionality first, Elementor comes out on top. This function was recently added to Divi with the release of Divi 4.0.

Responsive Design

The majority of internet users prefer to browse the internet on mobile devices, so the page builder you are using must support the creation of responsive designs.
Elementor and Divi both create responsive designs by default, so the layout you create in desktop view will also look well in mobile and tablet views.
Additionally, they let you carefully build your page to fit any sort of screen.

Enables right-click functionality

Although it may seem simple to you, it is a crucial tool for a page-builder because it enables you to replicate your widgets and designs, copy styles between widgets, delete widgets, save templates, and more. It significantly reduces time spent on page design and makes it simple.
This functionality can be used with both the page builder and…

Popup Creator

With the built-in pop builder in Elementor, you can make eye-catching popups to collect visitor emails, advertise your goods and services, and more. Since Elementor already has this function, you don’t need to own a separate tool to complete this task.

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